March 2, 2013

The contest “01 – Y2013 Contest (MG-PT)” completed over four weeks.
This month my performance has improved slightly.
Since the account I am using is a “managed fxTrade Practice accounts”, that bas been discontinued, is now deprecated and for this reason, I can not add or remove funds from Them. The goal that was initially designed: “For 2013, the main goal is to work only with capital generated (Realized P&L) by business “, will be slightly adapted and will no longer use this account.
I’ll open a new account with a balance equal to the Realized P&L (≈1 Billion) of this deprecated account and continue only with the money made ​​in the business.

See details below.

Portfolio Return (MG-PT account):






01 – Y2013 Contest (MG-PT)

Statistics reflect account status as of March-02-2013 00:00


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