Week in FX Americas – Boring Loonie Continues A Sideways Chop | OANDA Forex Blog


With no North American data to bully the loonie on Friday, the interest and commodity sensitive currency ended the week trading rudderless in another tight boring range. Many investors have shifted their attention to the euro-zone developments. Last Thursday, the 2013-14 Canadian budget was delivered amid little fanfare and with no impact on the CAD. The only thing of note was the reaffirming of Canada’s Triple-A credit rating, a recognized seal that is quickly becoming a rare attribute bestowed on developed countries.

After last weeks employment numbers, many investors were positioned and expected some modest bullishness from the currency. In hindsight, domestic macro drivers have been too mixed to give the loonie clear direction. Several analysts believe the divergence between Canada’s services and manufacturing sector will end up being temporary. With Canadian households remaining cash rich and a banking sector amongst the strongest globally, certainly favors the currency. Once the unknown Cypriot variable is played out and remains contained, the loonie should finally break out of its current range. For now, the sideways chop continues with range trading being the best strategy.


* USD Fed’s Bernanke Speech
* USD Durable Goods Orders
* USD Consumer Confidence
* GBP Gross Domestic Product
* CAD Bank of Canada Consumer Price Index Core
* EUR Unemployment Change
* USD Gross Domestic Product
* USD Reuters/Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index

Week in FX Americas – Boring Loonie Continues A Sideways Chop | OANDA Forex Blog

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